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Top solid dip nail colors online store? Besides the dip manicure kit, be sure to have a Kabuki brush or any other large makeup brush ready. You’ll need this to brush-off any excess powder from your fingertips. A fan brush could also come in handy for this same purpose. Besides these two items, lay a terry cloth towel on your work area. This is to keep the mess to a bare minimum. Have some lint-free paper towels ready for wiping the Kabuki brush, or even the applicators if needed. Also, if you’re sensitive to dust, you might want to have a face mask handy. This face mask doesn’t have to be industrial-grade – just those blue paper masks that surgeons use will do.

This probably goes without saying, but the easiest way to get gorgeous long nails is to enhance your own with faux tips. They give you a light, natural look and wear comfortably for weeks. Whether you favor long nails for everyday, or just for special occasions, they’re the perfect way to add instant length. It happens to all of us eventually – you’ve been growing out your natural nails and they look amazing. And then, one of them breaks. Cue the tears! The good news is you don’t have to wait for it to grow back to have a full set of long nails, you can use an artificial tip on just the nail(s) that need it. And we’ll give you all the directions you need to make your faux-helped nails blend in with your natural nails.

Apply a layer of resin over the whole nail, even the tips. Paint that on slowly and evenly. Here’s another of those important dip powder nail tips to focus on: if you want colored powder, now is the time to do it! Dip your finger into the powder again, remove excess powder, and then add more resin. You can repeat this step again to get a slightly more thicker and stronger manicure. Now to seal the deal. Apply the activator in strokes just like you would regular nail polish. Allow the activator to sit for five seconds on the nails. Apply a second coat, and go ahead and allow that to sit for five seconds like the first coat. Find more details on

Brand leaders and top nail techs share insider secrets on how to achieve the perfect dip powder manicure. Call it the comeback kid. Dip powder isn’t new, contrary to some common misconceptions. The service has been around since the 1990s, though it fell out of favor as other options bounded onto the scene to steal the spotlight. But now dip powder nails are back and better than ever, thanks to improved formulas and a slew of on-trend colors to choose from. We asked industry experts to share their tried-and-true tips for working with dip. Read on for practical advice on everything from preapplication practices to safe removal, plus the worst service faux pas a tech might make.

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